"Latvia" Former Soviet Union Military Bases
Appendix IV
Glushko Lox/Alcohol Rocket Engine. 500.1kN. R-5M 8K51.Isp=248s. First flight 1953.
Application: R-5M 8K51.
Thrust [sl]: 432.000kN [97,117lbf].
Thrust [sl]: 44,052kgf.
Engine: 867 kg [1,911 lb].
Chamber Pressure: 23.90 bar.
Propellant Formulation: Lox/Alcohol-96%.
Thrust to Weight Ratio: 58.82.
Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 1.44.
AKA: 8D52M.
Unfuelled mass: 867kg "1,911 pounds".
Height: 3.22m "10.57 feet".
Diameter: 1.65m "5.41 feet".
Thrust: 500.10kN "112,427lbf".
Specific impulse: 248 s.
Specific Impulse Sea Level: 220 s.
Burn Time: 120 s.
First Launch: 1950-55.
Number: 134 .
Glushko Lox/Alcohol Rocket Engine family. Final extrapolation of the V-2 rocket engine in Russia. First flight 1953. Designer at OKB-456 was V A Vitkin.
Glushko states 'thus ended the German page' of German engine technology in the USSR "this ignores the fact that the German ED-140 design provided the basis for the entire next generation of Soviet rocket engines". The engine 
introduced automatic thrust regulation in flight, a feature first advocated by Groettrup's German team for the G-1 engine.
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