"Latvia" Former Soviet Union Military Bases
Bārta I Soviet Union Military Missile Base –
Lat: N56.41506, Lon: E021.23507
Paplaka, Bārta parish
Meža Gurklāvi, Ķīburi, Latvia, 
The two SS-3 Surface Launch Pad Complexes outside Paplaka in Bārta parish, where Bārta I and Bārta II denominated the area. Each complex has two launch pads.
The "R-5" and "R-5M" [NATO] designation SS-3 SHYSTER was the first nuclear missile to be deployed by the Soviets. It could deliver approximately 1,435kg payload in a detachable reentry vehicle to a range of 1,200 kilometer.
It was the first rocket to be fully designed and produced at the Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine facility, and was the last extension of the German V2 "4" technology.
It was first deployed in 1956 and was retired in 1967. The SS-3 did not see extensive deployment “only 48 missiles were deployed”, since it was superseded by the more advanced "R-12" [NATO] designation SS-4. 
Soviet Mobile Rockets the "TR-1 Temp" [NATO] designation SS-12 was a solid-fuel, road mobile missile with a range of approximately 900 kilometer “latest model”, first deployed in the mid 60s. When stationed in Paplaka, it would be able to reach only the eastern part of “then” West Germany, so I suppose that the Soviets concluded that this was more of a front-line missile. 
This missile base like all the other ones "TheCeļotājs" had visited, has been trashed and striped of anything of value. 
City of Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine
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