"Latvia" Former Soviet Union Military Bases
Bārta II Soviet Union Military Missile Base –
Lat: N56.38164, Lon: E021.28883
Paplaka, Bārta parish
Meža Gurklāvi, Ķīburi, Latvia,  
                        Missile Launch Ring                                               Missile LaunchRing                                                    Missile Launch Pad 
Medium-Range Ballistic Missile R-5M "8К51" "SS-3 Shyster"
R-5 Pobeda "Victory"
R-5M [NATO] SS-3 Shyster”
R-5 [NATO] SS-3
R-12 [NATO] SS-4
Soviet Mobile TEMP-S
Medium-Range Ballistic Missile
OTR - 22 "Temp-S"
NATO Designation SS-22 "Scaleboard
The Regiment in Paplaka consisted of two divisions, located a few kilometers from Bārta and was armed with rocket R-5M or "8K51M" "SS-3". It was one of the first "RVSN Regiments" [See Appendix III] and it lasted about a year. Then, in 1966, it was attempted to reconstitute the base to the mobile TEMP-S, but this is a short-range missile “approximately 1,000km” and it was subsequently transferred to the PB Army. The Construction stopped, but the TEMP-S hangars can still be seen. The facility was taken over by the navy, who used the facilities available as a radio communications center, before the Soviet’s withdrew from Latvia.
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