"Latvia" Former Soviet Union Military Bases
Soviet Union The Communists “Year of Atrocities”
from June 1940 to June 1941
Soviet Communist regime was not so active in making photographic and cinematographic documents of its crimes itself as the National Socialist regime was, besides, being the victor in its part of the world, it had unlimited time and opportunities for hiding all their traces. Probably a lot of other dramatic documents are kept secure today in the archives of Russia. As we know, availability of Russian archives, after short improving during Yeltsin's presidency, is again diminishing and the old Soviet tradition of denial and secrecy is returning. Therefore even more cynical seem the Russian accusations of East European countries of attempts to “rewrite history” - the propaganda term for attempts to find out the truth buried behind the wall of disinformation and silence built by the Communist regime over half of the century. 
The Soviet occupation culminated on 14 June 1941 when a mass deportation of civilians from Latvia to distant areas of the Soviet Union took place. A total of 15,424 persons, according to latest figures, were arrested and sent away in boxcars unsuited for human transportation. Among those deported were minor children and babies, most of them died on the way or from cold or malnutrition in their settlement areas in Siberia. Many civilians were brutally murdered in Riga and many other places after the beginning of the war between Germany and Soviet Union, on 22 June 1941, as the Red Army retreated in disarray.
The following photographs are from this period of time and defiantly show the “atrocities” that were committed by the Soviet Union NKVD and its communist’s sympathizers and collaborator groups against the Latvian people. 
Photos of arrested Latvian People in the register of Cheka 
Handwritten instruction by Soviet Commissar of NKVD Simon Shustin,
dated 26 June 1941, on a list of arrestees:
“Because of their social dangerousness shoot them all”
Additional Scenes of Soviet Union “NKVD” The Communists “Year of Atrocities” from June 1940 to June 1941 
July 1941, Baltezers Village after the fall of Soviet Regime a mass grave of Cheka victims is being uncovered in a garden of some Baltezers Cottage
People murdered by retreating Soviet Communists in area of the Krustpils City Airfield
Exhumation of Soviet Communists victims at the Krusta Church in Riga, Latvia 
People murdered by Communists in Dreilini Area, Riga, Latvia  
Identification of Soviet Communists victims in Bikernieki Area, Riga, Latvia  
Latvian soldiers treacherously
murdered by Soviet Communists on
29 June 1941 in Balvi Parish: Vilis Lapins, unidentified, Peteris Krauja
Latvian soldiers treacherously murdered by Communists, found in vicinity of Litene Army Camp:
E. Vilkajs, J. Pinka, V. Leja, V. Tumasevics, A. Tumasevics 
Mass grave located in the courtyard of Riga Central Prison of people
murdered on 28 June 1941 by the Soviet Communists
After expelling of Soviets from Latvia the corpses are exhumed and people are
coming to look for their missing friends and relatives taken by Soviet Communists. 
Exhumed corpse of schoolboy Gedemins Franckevics
Along with the body there was found a copy of a ruling of the Military Tribunal where, basing on Criminal
Code of Soviet Russia, he was sentenced to execution and confiscation of his property, being found guilty
of “counter-revolutionary activity”. 
Colonel Streipa, former head of Organization and Mobilization Department of Latvian Army Headquarters. 
Tailor Voldemars Janelis. 
Arnolds Cuibe Director of school department 
Railway Aizsargi, Regiment Commander Janis Ozolins. 
Mihails Afanasjevs 
Andrejs Krumins 
Peteris Dobe 
Stanislavs Belkovskis 
                                                                                               Karlis Purnins,                                               “Nr. 6“,                                                              Arvids Zemitis 
                                                                                                            Janis Steps,                                                    Alberts Broders,                                        Nikolajs Zokorko 
                                                                                                                     Unidentified victim,                                  Nikolajs Davis,                              Janis Opincans 
Basement at the Liepāja City Militia: three members of a family shot dead and another murder victim. 
In the premises of the Liepāja Militia Basement, a hand grenade had been thrown in first and the survivors were then shot dead afterwards. 
Victims of the Soviet Communists in Daugavpils City 
Victims of the Soviet Communists in Valmiera City 
Civilians murdered in the City of Jelgava were tortured before being murdered
Murdered workers in Jelgava Latvia
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