"Latvia" Former Soviet Union Military Bases
Liepāja and Kurzeme Area Specialized Guide Services  
Setting out to lead "TheCeļotājs" on a Specialized Guided Tour of Liepāja fortifications, bunkers and their underground tunnels that lead from one bunker to another. 
Getting ready to guide "TheCeļotājs" through an underground bunker entrance. / Here I am guiding the "TheCeļotājs" to one of the remains of a former 
World War II German Coastal Battery that set in a wood area along the Baltic Sea Coast Line.
Liepāja Karosta Naval Port Area 
Here we set out on a Specialized Guided Tour of the Karosta Naval Port area with visits to the former Navy Officer's Conventions, Naval Port Manege former riding academy, then we visit the Guardhouse former
Naval Port Prison which is now a Museum of the Soviet and Nazi era. 
Leaving the Guardhouse we visit the Karosta Water Tower and to finish this Specialized Guided Tour arrangements were  and can be made
to take a Charter Boat Tour of Liepāja Canal and the Karosta Naval Port and Canal. On this boat tour one can see the outer breakwaters and the defenses. 
If you are interested in visiting former Soviet Union Military Sites, arrangements can also be made to visit them. Since they are located in the countryside, arrangements for transportation will be needed. 
These are only a few of the many areas that I provide Specialized Guided Tours to. 
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Specialized Guide Services for Excursions to: 
Liepāja Fortifications and their many Tunnels
Karosta Naval Port Area
Former Soviet Union Military Sites  
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