"Latvia" Former Soviet Union Military Bases
Former Soviet Union Bombing Range in Zvarde parish –
Lat: N56.55051, Lon: E022.60887
Vārpas, Zvārdes parish, Latvia 
The former Soviet Union Bombing Range is also part of the 24,500 ha firing ground. In Soviet times, it was a restricted area for civilians. Impressive witnesses of the past are left in this territory; Zvarde; church ruins, Ritelu Cemetery which was destroyed by bombing, well as the former Air Raid Control Tower. It’s not an area that one just wants to walk around in since there is not a lot there but just open field now. As well as the possible of unexploded ordnance in the area. The ordnance could range from unexploded Missiles, Bombs and Cannon Shells rounds or other ordnances that was used for training. Soviet Union military personal weren't that careful in cleaning up or recovering unexploded ordnances. Their primary job was to replace targets and not to recover or explode ordnances that hadn't exploded on contact with their targets. 
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